Buying Timeshares

If you’ve been thinking about buying a timeshare and wondering if a timeshare would really be a good buy for you, there are definitely a couple of things to think about before you spend your money. Hopefully I can help you figure out what would work best for you by explaining how I look at determining whether a particular timeshare is a good buy or not.

When it comes to time shares, the first thing I generally recommend is not buying from a developer, such as Marriott, Hilton or Worldmark. Normally you can get a much better deal on a timeshare if you take your time and investigate the resale market for them. You’ll find even the big name brands such as Marriott and Sheratons and even the Disney Vacation Club properties can often be found for a fair discount over the price the developer would be asking for the exact same time share .

But I think before you even start looking at timeshare resales, you should sit down and figure out if a timeshare is even appropriate for the way you vacation. Timeshares usually make the most sense if you generally start planning your vacation well in advance of your travel dates, usually at least 11 months ahead and sometimes longer. The reason this is so is because most many timeshares nowadays are offered as floating weeks or ownership is based upon points and as an owner you will have a priority booking window for your reservation, but then at some point that priority is opened up to all of the other timeshare owners as well. So if you tend to be a spur of the moment vacationer, timeshares are probably not going to be a good buy for you at any price.

After that it is time to think about where you want to vacation. Do you wan to go to the same place every year at the same time of year? Or do you prefer to go someplace new every year? Or maybe some years you holiday in the winter and some years you vacation in summer. Your answers to these questions will help determine the best timeshare buy for you. If you like to go someplace new every year, then a fixed week timeshare in the same resort is not going to appeal. You’ll want to look at points programs or timeshare programs that have lots of properties and let you use all of them.

Those are basically the main points. Once you have it hammered out that you do indeed want to buy a timeshare, then you’ll want to consider price ranges. Obviously the timeshare that is going to be a good buy for you is one that fits your travel criteria and sells for the right price. So while a $1 timeshare in the off-season in Vermont might seem like a bargain, you may be better off buying a $1000 timeshare at the beach in Florida in January or February. There are always tons of timeshare resales available though, so have some patience during your search and you won’t have any problem finding the best deal for you.

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