Woman Owned Businesses and Those Sexist Male Customers

Not long ago, I was reminded that there are still people out there who deserve the term “sexist” and that although our society is changing in that regard, the transition is not yet complete. There are still holdouts who probably won’t change. How bad is it? Well, there is still a little of that everywhere in our society. Let’s talk.

I was discussing this issue with a young female entrepreneur, she owns a boat detailing company. She is successful, smart and strong-willed. She will be a success in whatever she does, and she has chosen to make a stand in the yacht detailing business. She complained about a male customer who was completely condescending to her and made some snide sexist remarks – no, I am not going to get into what he said, only that it was highly inappropriate in my opinion and trust me, I am not one to jump on the “politically correct” bandwagon – I tend to roll the other way, against such trends. My advice to the young up-and-coming entrepreneur goes something like this:

I wouldn’t worry about “sexist” men who own boats, you’ll find lots of that in every domain, even as a guy, I find men more often than not with “Unearned Egos” and it seriously makes me wonder if they are real men at all. You should kill them with kindness, stroke their egos and sell them your boat detailing services – always remembering that “adversity builds character” and in the end you are the better woman. Just be Great!

Additionally, I added; Success is the Best Revenge – Be Great and Surpass Expectations and you will win new clients by the boat load. I reminded the young gal starting out in her new business that “It sounds like you are in search of excellence and you’ll probably find it since you are giving this business a lot of attention and mental power; you see,” I told her, “I seriously cannot think of a better thing to do than run a small business while you are young, it will help you in everything you do the rest of your life. And you get to write your own ticket, you have everything going in your favor – your hard-work ethic is paramount and you have the will to win.”

Further, after thinking on this and her comment about the episode that transpired; “who would want to wash a boat for a sexist anyway?” Well. I get that. I used to hate to wash cars for Attorneys, Psychologists, Doctors, professional know-it-alls, but one day I thought, hell, they are raking us over the coals with high prices for their services, and I need to get some money back for all of us real people. So, I never worried about who I was working for after that. Their money is just as good as anyone else, especially when I put in a little “extra hard-to-deal-with customer” charge.

I congratulated her on her will to press-on, and I congratulate all women who do. It is good to see it, and explained to her; “I am glad you can see through the male-bias issues with wealthy men who are having their midlife crisis, thus a boat to prove their ego in the mirror. I just think you have so much going for you in life, that you should never ‘play victim’ or use that as an excuse. Your integrity to overcome idiots in life is much more important for your future.”

Yes, some folks will come off as arrogant, sexists, and play the bad manners, especially after a few glasses of wine. Just promise yourself to stand tall and above it all, show them what you are worth – WIN. The real losers in life are those with a ‘sexist mindset’ and I for one would never want to go through life like that; poor them.

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