Lake Kariba in Zambia is the biggest manmade lake in the planet. Completed in 1959, it was made to give hydro-electric energy for Zambia and Zimbabwe. 280km of river was turned into an massive five,200km2 of lake! Chete Island peeps out of Lake Kariba. Historically the building of Lake Kariba was surrounded by a lot debate – thousands of BaTonga villagers had been right away displaced and a lot wildlife drowned in spite of the ‘Operation Noah’ initiative to save and relocate animals as the flood waters rose. Nevertheless, that was fifty years ago and these days the lake is residence to a wealthy fish and aquatic life, and its shores are wealthy in wildlife and beauty. This is a spot for fishing, a spot for quiet relaxation in a striking organic atmosphere and a spot to come on safari – a type of 3 for a single knowledge!

Chete Island is a private wildlife reserve and bird sanctuary and is the biggest island on the lake (27km2). It is a remote southern island, incredibly a lot isolated except for the glimpse of kapenta (Limnothrissa miodon) fishing rigs in the distance.

Identified as a “wild water wilderness”, this is a spot exactly where game and birds flourish, totally protected and unadulterated. In spite of the tiny size of the island, its game is not tame. Even though populations are not as dense right here as they are in other Zambian national parks (Luangwa and some places of Kafue) animal sightings are nevertheless thrilling right here.

There is

  • a resident herd of elephant of about 80-100,
  • a pride of lions
  • possibly half a dozen leopard
  • a herd of eland
  • lots of impala, waterbuck and bushbuck
  • some kudu
  • a wide selection of birds – 378 species recorded to date
  • and of course a lot crocodile and hippo!

The island has a sense of solitude, charm and wilderness that only a wild island can possibly give. Far from the adrenaline junkie energy boats of the shores of Lake Kariba, this remote island lies largely unknown and practically unvisited by the tourist planet.

Some would define the solitude as heaven, but for these who want a tiny action, activities are one more optional ingredient.

  • Game walks with an island guide are an clear and need to do knowledge
  • Bird watching will take place by accident but an organised session can be arranged
  • As you are surrounded by water, game and bird viewing by canoe provides one more twist
  • A lot of have stated that fishing the lakes water is worth a trip right here on its personal
  • And, sunset and sailing cruises will unwind your thoughts and physique climate you intend it or not!

Chete Island provides a luxurious tented camp with just eight Meru style tents. A spot exactly where elephants pick out to idly wander previous, exactly where the unforgettable sound of the bellow of hippos travels down the bay and exactly where the magnificent African sunset awes the couple of guests that are fortunate sufficient to ever step foot right here.

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